The Artful Designer

Designing, the Artful Way

  • I am authentic, transparent and respectful in all my interactions with my clients. I always put my clients and their needs first to ensure they’re happy and satisfied at every step of the way!
  • I provide out of the box thinking and aim to educate Shopify store owners and it’s my mission to continue to do so into the future. I’m a giver, not a taker!
  • No questions are too big or too small. I am 100% dedicated to assisting my clients to find solutions to their problems. I am dedicated to helping those in the Shopify community reach their business goals!

Why use Shopify?

It’s the perfect e-commerce platform to build your business! Shopify gives the opportunity to manage your inventory, orders, content, and all your customer payments! It’s your one stop ‘shop’ (😉) to building a cohesive platform for your business.

Manage your inventory

Track your orders

Manage your content

Access your ecommerce analytics

Access marketing features

Manage your customers

Creating your OWN Artful Design!

Perhaps you’ve built a Shopify store and you’re on your way to running your e-commerce business (in that case, congratulations!!) BUT you’re craving someone who will be able to guide you through the ins and outs of Shopify, has the answers you’re looking for, and can put in further customisations to suit all your needs!

Or, you may be desperately hunting through the internet for someone to take control, build your store, answer all your questions along the way, show you the ropes and hand you a beautifully crafted website that your brand will call home!

Possibly you’re tired of the same-same feel of stock standard Shopify themes and would like a theme change to something unique!

Hey, where ever you’re at on your journey, look no further… I’ll show you how it’s done!

I will work collaboratively with you to outline what will work best for you and your business. I tirelessly work behind the scenes to help your vision come to life and leave you feeling confident in using and managing your Shopify store in the future!

No question or query is ever too big or too small! So, let’s begin working on your business, your brand and of course, your conversions by showing you how your business can maximise the benefits of using Shopify. Your website will be meeting the needs of ALL your customers in no time!

My Artful Offering!

My Shopify expertise isn’t just for existing customers. If your store was created by another designer, that’s okay! I don’t mind, come on over, everyone is welcome to get in touch! 

Getting the most out of your Shopify

I’ll give you the time and freedom to work ON your business, rather than IN it. Leave all your Shopify work up to me! 

I’ll work to empower you to build your business by training you to use Shopify efficiently. 

I’ll guide you and take you through all new features, fix any issues with your online shop, develop new features and change elements of your design. 

Working collaboratively, I’ll custom develop solutions that allow you to build on Shopify and add new features.

Focusing on your improvements!

I’ll show you the ways to continuously and constantly improve your platform and reap all the business benefits of making incremental improvements to your online shop. 

Building your website and leaving it to perform on its own just won’t do. Let me continually monitor, review and improve your functionality to ensure your customers are receiving the best service and usability experience. 

Making sure your website is continually evolving and avoiding bugs is a sure way to see your conversion rates increase! Don’t worry, I’ll help you get there!

Caring for all your Apps!

I will work to set up different Shopify Apps to effortlessly work in with your online shop. I have worked with many Shopify Apps over my years of experience. As a result, I have been able to expand my skills to not only develop them but to implement the best of the best apps and teach you how to best use them. 

The Shopify App Store has a wide array of free and costed plugins that extend the functionality of your online store. These features are certainly an effective way to add more specialised features to your online shop, however can be difficult to set up and navigate. Allow me to take this off your hands and take care of everything for you. 

I will work to implement plugins that will drive traffic and promote your products further. These features will help to streamline the experience for your customers from first click through to purchase!

Building designs that suit all your business needs!

There are always going to be areas that you wish to fix or bugs that will pop up and destroy your customers’ journey. Don’t worry, I’ll be here to help every step of the way!

I will work on updating your collections, work to find solutions to product problems, configure shipping settings and store setup overall because if your website isn’t an experience for your customers, you’re doing it wrong!         

Giving you the answers you’re looking for!

The key to ongoing sustainable success is spending your time on more important business needs rather than searching online for answers to your Shopify questions!

I’ll give you the answers you’re looking for; from payment gateways to small design changes, I’ve got you covered! Just ask me!

Building designs that suit all your business needs!

I’ll make all your design updates to help your online shop perform at its best. 

I will innovate and custom develop solutions that allow you to build on Shopify and add new features. 

Using the Shopify API, I can add new functionality to your store to suit your business needs and customers’ journey.

If there is a feature that you’re desperate to have and Shopify doesn’t have the solution, I’ll work to build it for you!

I’ll make all your minor changes too from changing fonts, styles and colours! Leave your theme changes up to me!